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Home » How to Make your Truck your Home Away from Home
January 26, 2023

How to Make your Truck your Home Away from Home


Dark Truck

How to Make your Truck your Home Away from Home

You’ve heard it said, heck, I’ve even said it, “Being a truck driver isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle.” Part of this lifestyle means living unconventionally. Who chooses to live away from home, possibly away from family, and in a truck that is smaller than a walk-in closet?

We did.

So, let’s get into it! How can we make our life on wheels more like home?

Get Organized and Keep it Clean

It doesn’t take much to lose the sense of calm when you’re surrounded by chaos. For me, living in clutter and filth didn’t sound appealing so I took steps to get my space organized and tidy. Consider getting totes that you can stow away under your bed for lesser used items, or, as was my preference, only keep in your truck those items you actually need and use on a regular basis (Windex, a squeegee, paper towels, WetWipes, Armorall, a small broom and dustpan). Space is very limited so be specific on the way you use the space.

Kitchen Space

Eating on the road can eat away at your bank account and add inches to your waistline. Preparing your own meals is great way to make your truck feel more like home. Equip yourself with real cutlery, a microwave, crockpot, toaster, and a refrigerator set up you to make most meals hot and fresh. Granted, some meals might need to be prepared before you hit the road, but eating familiar food makes life on the road a little more like home.

In the warmer months, depending on where you’re driving, you can even bring along a small barbeque and grill up some stellar meals. Park in the back of the lot, pull out the grill, and you’ll be in for a small gathering of like-minded individuals rather quickly. Having a community is important to your wellbeing, and there’s nothing like food to bring us together.

Decorate Your Truck

If you have young kids back home, be sure to bring some of their artwork with you and change it every month or two. Some stickytack will make every surface a gallery for the memories your little ones create. Additionally, bring some photos of your loved ones, places you’ve travelled, or your favorite destinations.

LED lights are remarkably affordable and can be used to create any ambiance whether in the cab or the bunk and that change the mood from the standard stark white lights that we have grown accustomed to. Change it up!


When the hours run out, it’s good to relax and indulge in some mindless entertainment. Get yourself a laptop or tablet that you can download videos onto or connect to your phone’s data to stream your favorite shows and movies on whatever platform you choose.

On your phone, consider an app such as Spotify to keep you entertained with music and podcasts. Truckers are even taking over the app TikTok, with their short, hilarious clips. There’s always something new to be discovered!

You can always keep it old school and get yourself a TV and DVD player for your bunk. Every truckstop has DVDs for sale and you’re likely to score a bargain.

Get Settled in Comfort

Now that your day is done it’s time to settle into bed. Beds should be comfortable and familiar so bring some familiar bedding with you, your favorite pillow…and your teddy bear. (I actually have mine from my first birthday, but don’t tell anyone, it’s kind of embarrassing). Sleep is vital to the safety of every driver so making your bed a natural extension of your home just makes sense.

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