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Home » Everything Changes: How Truckers Can Keep Up With New Technology
March 6, 2024

Everything Changes: How Truckers Can Keep Up With New Technology

Technology is ever-evolving and has become integrated into the trucking industry. Although electronic logging devices, GPS tracking, and hands-free communication software can make truckers’ lives safer and easier, these digital advancements have also caused challenges for some drivers.

We don’t want to dwell on the challenges, but let’s take a moment to call attention to a few common pressure points in order to know where to go next.


The Challenges

Information Overload:

With so much data available, truckers can become overwhelmed, especially when trying to keep up with regulations and industry standards. Outdated guidance or conflicting information can be a genuine challenge for drivers.

Learning new software and tools:

The trucking industry is constantly changing, and new technology innovations are being made to improve safety, fuel efficiency, and tracking. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are now mandatory, and some drivers struggle to use them. Learning new software and tools can be challenging, especially for drivers who are not tech-savvy.

Safety concerns:

New technologies such as lane departure warnings or autonomous truck driving systems are being introduced, but some older drivers might be skeptical about their safety and reliability, due to their lack of familiarity with them.

Lack of access to training:

Some trucking companies may not provide enough training and support for their drivers to learn new technologies on the job, leaving them to muddle their way through and hope for the best.


How to Can Drivers Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Technology of Trucking

Attend training sessions and seminars:

Many truck driving schools and industry organizations offer training sessions and seminars on new technologies from ELDs to automatic transmission systems. Drivers can take advantage of these opportunities to learn about new developments in the field. In some cases, employers may pay for, or subsidize, the training costs.

Network with other professionals:

Truckers tend to talk to each other. And why not? No one understands the trucker like another trucker. Speaking with other truck drivers and logistics experts can help to identify new technologies in the industry and learn about their benefits and limitations.

Read industry publications:

Take advantage of downtimes and resets. Reading trade journals and industry publications dedicated to the trucking industry can help drivers stay up to date with the latest developments such as new trucking technologies.

Take online courses:

Websites such as offer online courses on a wide range of topics, including trucking technology. Drivers can take these courses on their own time and pace and select topics that interest them the most. And the course costs are nicely affordable.

Ask for help and support from employers:

Drivers should communicate with their employers to ask for help and support to learn new technologies. Companies must ensure that their drivers are equipped and prepared to fulfill their responsibilities and be safe in doing so.


Overall, keeping up with the emerging technologies in the trucking industry might be a challenging task, especially for experienced truck drivers, but with the right mindset and support, they can adapt and thrive in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.

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