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Home » Tips for Purchasing a New Truck
November 21, 2022

Tips for Purchasing a New Truck

Tips for Purchasing a New Truck

a police car parked in front of a truck

You’ve made the decision. You’re taking the ride into the new world of truck ownership. Maybe you’re still considering your options and want to know more. Either way, there are many points to consider before taking the leap into the driver’s seat of your new truck and they vary from driver to driver.


Take your time.

Purchasing your first truck is not a decision to be made lightly or in haste. Sure, it’s shiny, the chrome is polished, and you’ll look amazing in your new rig, but looks aren’t everything. There is rarely a rush to get into a new truck so take your time to consider the ride of the truck, the fuel consumption, and the cost. Talk with other drivers who haul what you anticipate hauling, talk with mechanics about truck issues, and talk to various sales and service people to help answer your questions.

Know your specifications.

Generally speaking, there are eight classes of trucks. These classes range from light duty to heavy duty making it imperative to know your loads, or at least what you plan to haul. You don’t want to end up with a truck that doesn’t meet your needs, or too much truck for your needs.  Knowing the specifications will help narrow down your list of options, leaving you with your ideal truck. Ending up in the wrong truck for your needs will leave you inevitably resentful – and think about all that time you’re spending in that truck, you don’t want to spend it filled with regret.

New or Used?

New trucks aren’t necessarily the way to go in all cases. Cost is a huge factor for many drivers but bargains on a used truck aren’t always a good deal. New trucks come with warranties and service options, while most used trucks don’t. If you opt for buying a used truck consider one from a reputable dealer or from someone you know. Verifying the mileage and maintenance history can give you more than peace of mind, it can give you many more years of rolling the roads.

To sleep or not to sleep…

While this goes back to knowing your specifications, you need to determine if you will focus on day runs or OTR. Obviously, if you’re OTR you’ll want a sleeper since hotel stays can add up quicker than government spending. If you choose a truck with a sleeper, it leads to more decisions. One bed or a bunk? Single or double bed? How much storage space will you need? (Remember the more storage space you have the more “stuff” you will accumulate in you truck.) There are new trucks out there that have luxurious sleepers that rival micro hotels, so consider your needs and shop smart.

For some tips on better sleep, visit

Know when to walk away.

As the old saying goes, if it seems to good to be true…it likely is. Buying a truck is probably your single greatest expense, next to a house. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal that will look good on paper but leave you filled with regret with every mile that rolls past. Your investment in a truck is yours alone so prioritize your wants and needs. Do you want a truck that will last for many years and shine brighter than your smile, or do you want a bare bones truck that simply gets the job done? Only you can decide. It’s best to know your priorities going into the hunt that to be convinced of your need by someone looking to make commission or unload their misery on you.

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