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Home » Healthy Meals for Truckers
December 7, 2021

Healthy Meals for Truckers

Healthy Meals for Truckers

Truckers have limited food options during their travels. This makes it harder for them to maintain a healthy diet throughout the day. Many truckers develop health problems like obesity, heart diseases hypertension or diabetes due to poor eating habits. We know it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet on the go, but you can eat healthier during your trucking trips by making the right food choices. We have a list of healthy meals that you can enjoy as a trucker and keep yourself healthy.

Healthy Meals for Truckers

We are going to divide the options according to the meals throughout the day. Following are the healthiest meals and food options for truckers.


A healthy and nutritious breakfast are ideal for a great start to the day as they help keep your energy levels up. This is especially for drivers that stay on the road for long periods and need energy. Preparing a healthy breakfast doesn’t take too. Following are some options that you can add to your healthy breakfast.

·         Low-fat yogurt

·         oatmeal

·         fresh fruits

·         cereal bars

·         eggs

·         cottage cheese

·         whole wheat bread with peanut butter

Remember, your breakfast needs to have high proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals.


You can avoid high caloric intake by taking a small snack when hunger strikes. You can have the following foods:

·         Hummus and vegetables

·         fresh fruit salad

·         low-fat yogurt

·         Popcorn

·         low-fat string cheese

·         Whole-grain crackers

·         Unsalted mixed nuts

·         Beef jerky


Having fast food for every lunch meal will make you gain weight very quickly. There are several light meal lunch options that you can choose for your next trucking trip. For example, you can go for a:

·         Tomato and avocado sandwich

·         Grilled chicken with salad

·         veggie or turkey burger

·         water instead of soda

·         mustard

·         hummus

·         pesto


Most truckers experience the temptation to eat fast food, which is one of the biggest reasons for an unhealthy lifestyle. It is important to have  healthier alternatives and the best way to prepare a healthy dinner is to eat food prepared in a slow cooker. There are two options, a traditional 12-volt, or an AC power slow cooker. Following are some of the things you can make for dinner with them:

·         BBQ

·         Beef stew

·         Pork

·         Mashed potatoes

·         Canned beans

·         Spinach

·         Stir-fried Fish

Bottom Line

Developing healthy eating habits as a trucker can be a bit difficult due to limited options. However, you can still make changes to your lifestyle and diet using the suggestions in this piece. Know that you need a high protein, complex carbohydrate meal in the morning. Always have a small snack, such as hummus and vegetables or something light and nutritious.

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