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Home » Which Type of Freight is Right for You
August 26, 2021

Which Type of Freight is Right for You


Hazmat Freight 


So, you have decided to start a career in trucking, or maybe you have been trucking for a while, but you’re still not sure what type of freight is the best for you. When deciding what type of freight to haul, there are many things to consider. Every driver is looking for something different in their trucking career. Maybe you want more home time, better pay, or job security. There are many different types of trucking, and not all are for everyone. It’s important to choose the type of trucking that best fits your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will more than likely be unhappy or quickly looking for another job. Read below to see which type of freight is right for you.

Things to Consider:

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is one of the most important things to consider when deciding which type of freight is the best for you. Before deciding on which freight to haul, analyze what is most important to you. Do you want to be on the road for weeks at a time? Or do you want to be home every night?


Pay is also another factor you should consider when deciding which freight to haul. More specialized freight typically pays higher. So, if you are looking for better pay, maybe consider specialized freight or flatbed trucking.

Trucking Company

Finding the right trucking company also plays a role in finding the right freight for you. Before deciding on a trucking company consider the size. Do you want to work for a large or small company? Another thing to consider is the haul type. Some companies only carry one thing, and some companies have more variety.

Types of Freight:

Dry Van

Dry Van is considered the most common type of freight transportation. If you are considering hauling Dry Van, you will have many companies to choose from. You may also be able to choose over-the-road or regional.

Dry Van truck drivers typically haul dry goods and other non-perishable freight. If you are just starting in your trucking career, Dry Van may be the type of freight for you. Many new drivers start out hauling Dry Van because there are not as many special considerations as other freight. Also, most Dry Vans do not require endorsements, but some specialized loads may.


Refrigerated freight, also known as a reefer, is generally used to transport temperature-sensitive products. Because reefer trailers keep products at a certain temperature, the food industry relies heavily on them to transport perishable food items, which is great for a driver’s job security. In most cases, truck drivers hauling a reefer trailer make more money. It requires more work and food products come with specific regulations. Reefer drivers also tend to work odd hours, which may mean loading or unloading late in the night.


Because flatbed drivers are in high demand, the pay is typically more competitive. Flatbed trucking is often considered the most challenging type of trucking. It requires a lot more physical work than Dry Van or Reefer jobs. Flatbed drivers have to consider the weather and secure each load with tarps. Although flatbed trucking requires more work than other types of trucking, if you’re up for the challenge, it can make a great career with great pay.

Tanker Freight

Truck drivers hauling tanker freight can include liquids (water, fuel) or dry bulk (food, sand). To be qualified to haul tanker freight you will need a couple of years of experience and a tanker endorsement. Some jobs may require a Hazmat endorsement to haul hazardous material.

Tanker jobs are typically regional or local, so that means you have more home time, unlike drivers who haul dry van or reefer. Drivers who haul tanker freight typically make good money and have strong benefits. Another perk to hauling tanker freight is that unloading a tanker can go super quick!

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