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Home » Improve Sleep in Truck Cab
June 10, 2021

Improve Sleep in Truck Cab


a man sitting in a truck 


Driving 11 hours a day, seven days a week can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Sleep is a very important part of a long haul truck drivers life. Being well rested and alert makes driving a lot more safe for both the trucker and other drivers on the road. Getting enough sleep may sound easier than it seems. Living on the road makes it difficult to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. In fact, it’s common for truckers to not get 8 hours of sleep due to the 11 hour work shift. Since many drivers are not getting the recommended amount of sleep, it is crucial for them to have good quality sleep. Here are tips for improving your quality of sleep in your truck cab.

Avoid Electronics Before Bed

Studies have shown that using electronics before bed can interfere with the quality and quantity of your sleep. Why is that? Technology stimulates your mind. Therefore making it difficult to fall asleep. Also, the blue light from the device disrupts the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that facilitates sleep. If you can, avoid using electronics an hour before going to bed.

Keep the Temperature Comfortable

When you live in your truck cab, it can be difficult to keep your semi at a comfortable temperature. As a truck driver, you will drive in many different weather conditions. When it is colder, make sure to have extra bedding in your truck or a small heater. If the weather is warm, consider investing in a small fan. Also, truck window screens create a perfect way to keep airflow during long drives.

Block Out Light

Any amount of light can affect the quality of sleep you get. We suggest investing in some window coverings so that you can make your truck as dark as possible. Another tip to help block out light is investing in a sleep mask. They are cheap and convenient.

Get Comfortable

Having comfortable bedding is the first step in getting a good night’s sleep. Driving a truck all day can get uncomfortable and make your body sore. Sleeping on a good mattress can help prevent any soreness or aches when you wake up in the morning.

Have a Routine

As a truck driver, your schedule can be unpredictable but try your best to maintain a bedtime routine. People are creatures of habits and our bodies love routines. Not only does having a nighttime routine help improve sleep quality, it also can greatly improve your overall health.

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