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Home » Fuel Saving Tips from Trinity!
August 10, 2012

Fuel Saving Tips from Trinity!

We all know that the price of fuel isn’t decreasing at a rapid rate, and with our economy being poor at the moment no one really wants to spend the money that they are being forced to spend at the pump. Here at Trinity Insurance Services we like to serve our customers and be helpful in any way possible! Now, we can’t give you money for fuel, however, we can offer some helpful tips on saving some of that fuel for your long haul!

Fuel Saving Tips:

  • Speeding not only increases the risk of getting into an accident, it also increases aerodynamic drag and uses more fuel. Maintain a consistent speed, use cruise control when appropriate, and avoid quick accelerations.

  • Pay attention to how cargo is loaded. The higher the height of the load, the more drag placed on the truck and the more energy it consumes.

  • Idling is a big fuel waster. Plan your route to avoid traffic congestion and drive the truck to warm it up. Idle reduction facilities are also available at many public truck stops.

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